We Offer Mixed Martial Arts & Cage Fitness Programs in Allentown & Bethlehem

Voted Best Martial Arts School in the Lehigh Valley 8 Years in a row!

Leading Edge Martial Arts has been voted the Best Martial Arts School in the Lehigh Valley for seven years in a row. Our professional instructors pride themselves on providing our students with a best possible experience on every visit.
We offer non-competition based mixed martial arts for Men, Women, and Children. In our children’s program, our focus is on Self-Confidence, Self-Discipline, and Self-Defense. In our adult program, the focus shifts to Self Defense, Fitness, and Stress Relief. LEMA incorporates principles and concepts from many different styles of martial arts in order to develop a practical and applicable approach to every day self-defense including stand up arts such as karate and kickboxing, and grappling arts such as judo and jiujitsu, LEMA’s curriculum continues to evolve as new concepts become available.
The Cage Fitness program at LEMA is a ½ hour, high intensity, interval training program. It is the best ½ hour workout that can be found in the Lehigh Valley. In just 30 minutes, our LEMA instructors will have you dripping in sweat and beaming with exhilaration. Classes are available for Men, Women, and Children.

Martial Arts Programs

Adult Martial Arts Program

At Leading Edge Martial Arts, the goal in the Adult program is to build Confidence, a peak level of...

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Kids Martial Arts Program

At LEMA, our goal in our children?s program is to instill Self Confidence, Self Discipline, and a Non-Quitting...

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Kinder Kicks Program

Kinder Kicks is a program developed for parents and children to exercise, learn and play with a martial arts...

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Cage Fitness Classes

All of the sweat, toning and conditioning of MMA without partners, without contact, without spending...

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